About Techtonic

Techtonic is a podcast and weblog concerning people’s personal experience in the digital world. 

Each week on the podcast, a designer, engineer, and a guest discuss technology with creativity, productivity, mindfulness, and entertainment in mind. Underlying the discussion, we are reviewing the micro and macro level changes technology is leading in culture.

Founder and host of Techtonic, Joe Darnell, writes articles and touches on items of interest in the weblog on nights and weekends.

Find out more about the people behind Techtonic on the People page.


The Techtonic site and podcast are powered by the Squarespace platform. For email and domain management, we go with Hover. To supplement our metrics, we track the podcast using FeedPress


The podcast hosts and guests are recorded with Skype and Call Recorder, then edited in Logic Pro X. The final MP3 is compressed in iTunes.

The current music theme is named Limitless. (More info coming soon.)

The original theme music was Broke for Free’s track ‘Something Elated’ on the album titled Something EP. The album is available on the Free Music Archive.

If you would like to be a guest on our show, contact us.


Joe Darnell and Joshua Peiffer don’t own technology-industry stock, including Apple. Joe and Joshua are not presently employed by any technology company in any form.

The podcast and site are open to accept sponsorship. We never accept money or gifts in exchange for coverage. All sponsored content will be definitively identified and prominently disclosed.